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Smart and Fun

Here is a collection of web links to free resources that kids can use on their own -- or that teachers can use in class. A special thanks to Ms. Hayes class for sharing their fav link, Learn to Type on the Web!  If there are more you'd like to add, please let me know!

If a game does not display after a few minutes or if it does not work correctly, you might need the latest Macromedia Flash plug-in. You can get it here.

Search Engines for Kids

Internet Safety Info (for parents)

Math – lower grades

Math – upper grades


Science – lower grades

Science – upper grades…


Reading & Writing 

– lower grades (the educational side)
Little Animals Stories

Science – upper grades…

Weather & climate
Geology: earthquakes & volcanoes
Energy Challenges

Typing practice – all grades

Lower Grades

Science – upper grades


Cool Science

Adventure reading games- 

The  2010 Olympics!

Social Studies – upper grades